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Importance of Water User Associations in solving water scarcity problems for Osh region of Kyrgyzstan

The 2020/21 water shortage in the Osh was driven by decreasing water availability, snowfall and increased water use. The water scarcity was very serious however, thanks to improved water management practices, disaster was avoided.

How the future of this Tajikistan Village relies on better coordination of water resources in the agricultural sector

Proper and timely distribution of water resources in the agricultural sector remains one of the urgent tasks of the water management, water associations and dekhkan farms

Before there was war, a river flowed through the peaceful heart of Kabul

Four decades ago, the river was a spectacular sight as it flowed through the peaceful city. But today neglection and climate change made it impossible to use Kabul's water.

How drought created fertile grounds for collaboration in Kazakhstan

In 2020, the water levels of Bartogay reservoir dropped tens of meters. The drought had a serious impact on farmers that depend on water from the reservoir. Yet, it also paved the way for all water users to work together to find solutions to the problem.

The entire population of Central Asia

The entire population of Central Asia is directly or indirectly exposed to the consequences of water crises. However, the effect and scale of the problems related to regional water management are felt very dissimilar by different people in the region.

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