Swiss engagement in Central Asia

Through its long-standing presence in Central Asia, Switzerland has been actively supporting the strengthening integrated water resources management and the enhancement of regional water cooperation over the last decades.

Switzerland’s vision and objectives of water management in Central Asia call for a three-pronged approach on multiple levels :

(i)     At regional level, enhancing regional water policy dialogue, supporting smart water practices in transboundary water management, stimulating information and knowledge sharing as well as promoting innovative financing for transboundary water management ;

(ii)   At national level, progressing on a regionally compatible integrated water management in order to manage water resources more productively and sustainably, mitigate water-related risks, adapt to climate uncertainties and achieve access to water and sanitation for all ;

(iii) At local level, investing in smart and sustainable urban and rural water schemes that contribute to universal access to water and sanitation, promote water security, and build climate resilient societies.


Figure : Swiss water portfolio in Central Asia

Taking up the values of the Blue Peace, the Blue Peace Central Asia (BPCA) initiative, came to life. After two Swiss-supported high-level events (Basel I Conference in Switzerland November 2014 and Astana Conference within the World Expo in Kazakhstan in June 2017), the five countries of Central Asia expressed the need for the establishment of a Dialogue Platform in Central Asia to exchange on commonly-identified regional priorities around water: joint management of infrastructure, data sharing and water quality.

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